Lawrence Yang
Associate Professor, Epidemiology
Columbia University Medical Center

Lawrence H. Yang, PhD, focuses on research in several key areas of psychiatric epidemiology. First, from his NIMH K-award, he has formulated defining theoretical work on how culture relates to stigma and implementing interventions to improve recovery for different stigmatizing conditions (mental illness and HIV), with a focus on Chinese groups. Second, Dr. Yang is PI of a 5-year NIMH R01 grant examining the neurocognitive and social cognitive underpinnings of the new “clinical high risk state for psychosis” designation, a potentially transformative new syndrome to detect psychotic signs before symptoms develop into a full psychotic disorder. Third, Dr. Yang has incorporated these research areas into his work in global mental health.

He has received a newly-funded, second R01 (Dr. Michael Phillips, co-PI) examining the clinical and cognitive characteristics of untreated psychosis in China. He also leads a component of a NIMH U19 grant investigating the barriers and facilitators involved in scale up of mental health interventions for psychosis in Latin America (Chile, Brazil and Argentina).

He has sixty-five publications (fifty-five peer-reviewed papers; >50% first-authored), including publications in Psychological Medicine, the British Journal of Psychiatry and The Lancet. Dr. Yang has received eight Early Career Awards, six of which are national, for his work.